************* CUSACK "TAP-O-WHIRL" V3 like NEW!!!! ***************$250(Gallatin, TN)

FOR SALE : Cusack Music Tap O Whirl Version 3 NEW.... I've only played it at home a few times. It already has velcro on the bottom, but also comes with the Rubber pad that sticks to the bottom of the pedal (which was never used.. it still has the peel off paper on it). If you know anything about tremolos ... than you already know that this is one of..... if not THE best Tremolo on the market. Cusack Music makes professional grade pedals....and this is one of they are known for. True Bypass... analog pedal. Included : Tap-O-Whirl V3, Original Box, Paper work, Extra Rubber bottom here's a link to Cusack's site.. with all the specs, etc... http://cusackmusic.com/wp/effects/tap-a-whirl/ the sell for $275 and up ...new (plus tax and shipping) SAVE MONEY......I'm selling this one for $250 (cash only)