These are both advanced copies of these books that were sent out. I cannot sell them, but I can give them them away.
In excellant condition. This book is free because it was free to us and should be passed along PPU in Mansker Farms
All things leadership, inspirational. Would be great for a church library.
Free to the first person to PPU! These do have some writing in them but I homeschooled 3 preschool children using these books. They were already written in when I purchased them at a garage sale but they were still very useful. Pick up today!
Take All or a Few. Just need gone and don t want to throw away! -Land s End Kids 7, Land s End Home 4 & Land s End 13 -Tennessee Wildlife 9 -LLBean 5, LLBean Home 3 -Cabela s 2 -Parents 13 -Martha Stewart Living 1 -TN Home & Farm 8 -Family Circle 16 -Better Homes & Gardens 11 Porch pick up 3rd floor apartment near Vol State