You would have to find a way to rig it up. No poles with this Porch pickup near long hollow baptist
EUC. Cross posted. PapU IN WH. Includes 3 pair shoes, 2 skirts, 3 tops and 1 pair capris. All for. $10.00
EUC. Cross posted. PPU in WH. 3 sets of outfits. 3 dress and 3 pair of shoes. All for $14.00
EUC. Cross posted. PPU in WH 3 coats/jackets, 3 hats 1 pair black tights. All for $9.00
EUC. Cross posted. PPU In WH. Includes 2 pants, fleece jacket, 2 dresses and 2 skirts. All for$4.00
Keyboard is in good working condition. One of the silver stands at the bottom has trouble staying clipped on when the item is picked up but is easy to place back on. Can record and replay up to 15 seconds of music. Batteries not included.
EUC. Cross posted. Meet in WH or Hendersonville. Includes. Jeep, Camper, Scooter, campfire, potholder, skillet with 4 pieces, dg and carrier, couch cushion n and 2 pillows and blanket and tent. Complete set is $70.0
EUC. Cross posted. Meet in WH or Hendersonville. Includes along with table and 2 stools, stove, microwave and dishwasher, tea set with teapot, 2 cups, 2 plates, tray, sugar and creamer, 4 piece pit and pan set, 3 kitchen utensils, slice of pizza, 2 China plates and 2 saucers, pear,tomato and fruit cocktail and ear of corn. All for $35.00
EUC. Cross posted. Meet in White House or Hendersonville. Refrigerator includes water bottle, pineapple, apple juice,grapes, bacon, chocolate milk and bagels. Stove/dishwasher include7 pieces pots and pans, 5 kitchen utensils, pasta,tomato soup, tea pit, 2 cups and 2 plates. Set is $45.00
Original retired American Girl Doll pet dog Coconut. Along with the dog and collar, the set includes bone shaped placemat, food and water dishes, pet house with removable pillow inside, and pet carrier with detachable on-the-go water bowl. The collar shows some wear, but everything else is in good condition.